Tickets to Theme Parks (and car rental)

The question we get asked most often by guests is this: where is the best place to buy tickets for Disney, Universal, etc? Our answer is simple - we recommend the place we buy our own tickets from, and that's called -

Undercover Tourist 

Just click on any of the Undercover Tourist buttons on our pages to go to their site and see their great prices.


Prices are cheaper than buying direct from the theme parks and other attractions, and MUCH cheaper than buying in the UK (for British guests). Check the cost of buying from the attractions and see how much you can save.

Also, this doesn't just apply to Disney: Undercover Tourist covers all the other Theme Parks – Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens and all the dinner theatre attractions.

So, there's a huge benefit in buying tickets this way – and you get real tickets, not iffy vouchers. Your tickets can either be posted right to your home or you can collect them in Florida from the UPS near Universal Studios.

Car Rental


The second most commonly-asked question is: what's the best way to rent a car? A car is certainly essential as there is no public transport to speak of – plus, the road system is very well developed (and continues to grow) and driving is easy. Driving your own car also allows you to see (and enjoy) more things.

As with the park tickets, the best advice we can offer is to recommend the same company we use ourselves - Carhire3000. Their website is